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SecondWind with Joyce

Apr 19, 2022

Everyone experiences stress, though some seasons are more stressful than others. It's important to be able to have the tools and coping strategies before the difficulties hit; then we can grow from them!

Judy Davis is on a mission to help you stress less and improve your mental wellness. She is a motivational speaker, published author and mental wellness specialist with information, products and books that are go to resources to help people reduce stress and find balance in their lives.

Judy is no stranger to turning tragedy into triumph. In fact, in April 2019 everything about her life changed when her husband of 30 years was in an explosive blast while serving in the US Army. The amputation of his left leg, as well as other injuries and an ongoing recovery process, gave Judy an
inside look at the challenges caregivers navigate every day.

An entrepreneur and business owner for over 25 years, Judy is someone who believes that stories change lives. She is transparent about their experience and how she has had to pivot both personally and professionally.

Now Judy not only provides support to her husband, but she empowers others in a positive way helping them stress less and feel better emotionally, physically and financially.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Judy learned about the explosion her husband was in, and how that transformed her life
  • The grieving process involved in major life trajedies
  • The importance of allowing yourself to feel
  • How any challenge can be an opportunity for transformation
  • Judy's strategy to stress less
  • How to have the energy, capacity, and focus to navigate difficult times

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