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SecondWind with Joyce

Sep 19, 2023

This episode features Paula Munier, renowned author, editor, literary agent, and teacher. Paula dives deep into her passion for writing and shares invaluable insights on persistence and finding support within the writing community.

Drawing from her own experiences, Paula highlights the importance of joining a genre...

Sep 12, 2023

Parenting is filled with challenges. This episode explores the power of parenting with consistency, compassion, and communication, with a focus on raising children who become brave, voice trusters, risk-takers, and problem-solvers.

Kiva Schuler is the founder of the Jai Institute for Parenting which has been training...

Sep 5, 2023

Dana Killion had always struggled with sleepless nights and a deep sense of emptiness. One particular night, while living in a high-rise in Chicago, she found herself gazing down at Lake Michigan, envisioning what it would be like to walk into the water and disappear. It wasn't that she was suicidal, but rather, she...