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SecondWind with Joyce

May 4, 2021

Business Strategies & Knowing Your Worth

Starting a new business can be an exciting yet terrifying decision to make. Our guests for this episode of SecondWind, Deirdre Harter and Carmen Reed-Gilkison, make it their goal to help alleviate the fear that comes with this new career path. Their focus is helping you build a solid foundational business strategy that is rooted in your values. We discuss how women are taught to put ourselves last, and how that presents itself in how we charge for our services.

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Whole Person Certified Coach, and Deirdre Harter, CPA, and Business Strategy Coach are the Co-Founders of Encore Empire.

We help new and established female entrepreneurs over 40 increase bottom line profits in their online business consistently and holistically by leveraging their past experience, honoring their values, and becoming financially savvy.

With decades of combined entrepreneurial experience, we understand all aspects of business-building in the online marketplace. By combining our two areas of expertise we’ve created a uniquely holistic approach to launching and growing businesses for women over 40.

Women relate and interact differently at this age than their younger counterparts, and definitely different than men. We believe in relationship-marketing and that’s where women over 40 excel. The majority of our activities take place inside our free Facebook Group: Empire of Unstoppable Midlife Women Building Profitable Businesses. You are cordially invited to join us for free weekly training, monthly networking events, bi-weekly business promotion posts, and more!

We offer a holistic 6-month launchpad program for new entrepreneurs and 12-month next-level profits coaching program focusing on business strategy, systems to scale through the lens of finance and leadership.

“The women who are drawn to us are women who are action takers. They realize that they have decades of life experience that is valuable, and they have a dream that they want to bring out to the world.” Carmen Reed-Gilkison

“We tend to work a lot with heart centered entrepreneurs...We are doing this in a holistic manner.” Deirdre Harter

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Covid-19 forced business owners to make major changes with the services they provide.
  • How adopting a feminine way of doing business can be beneficial
  • Why their clients are often uncomfortable with discussing compensation for their work, and how they can avoid feeling this way
  • The power your mindset has in your entrepreneurial journey
  • When you get to midlife you begin to look at things from a different perspective and think about your legacy
  • Being okay with your entrepreneurial journey not being linear
  • Important things to know about building a business based on your values

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