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SecondWind with Joyce

Dec 7, 2021

Norman Bacal believes the main way to grow and evolve is to fly in the face of fear and to take on challenges for which we don't feel qualified and learn from our mistakes.

Norman is a retired lawyer who once built and led one of Canada’s prestigious law firms as one of the most successful film finance lawyers in the country. He sat on the board of directors of a Hollywood studio and represented companies like Warner Bros., MGM, Sony, and Lionsgate.

Then in 2014, the bottom fell out. The law firm collapsed. 

With the help of family, he picked himself up and began his redefinition, which he calls rewiring.

He now has successfully published a handful of books. His latest non-fiction, Take Charge: The Skills That Drive Professional Success, is a manual for young professionals on the soft skills that are not taught.

What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • His work as a lawyer and the collapse of his business
  • His defining moment that got him writing
  • His thoughts on forgiveness as part of the journey to coming back
  • How grit is more important than talent or ability
  • Tapping into expertise as part of the comeback

Get Norman's free book on interviewing, called Tips From the Interviewer, available through his website or here

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