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SecondWind with Joyce

Mar 8, 2022

Liz Thompson is an expert on all things related to food!

She previously owned and opened two restaurants and even taught culinary classes. Then she had to pursue a second career change when she lost part of her vision overnight. She had to access her skillset in terms of what angle of the food industry was she most passionate about and she could do mostly at home.

Today she focuses on recipe development and new product development. She also helps individuals launch their own food company and get their products to market.

She is working on her fist book Baking with Herbs. Her mantra is, “Let your passion define you, not your disability."

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Liz was able to deal with overnight news that she had developed a serious vision issue with no health issues whatsoever.
  • How she was able to access the skills and passion she had to put together a new plan of work.
  • How to understand the importance of help when it is being given and also having the strength to look for it as well.
  • How it is up to ourselves to create the story that will play out and never play the victim.

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