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SecondWind with Joyce

Jul 12, 2022

When life throws punches, there are strategies to kick back, and that is exactly what this episode is about.

Jennifer Cassetta is a nationally recognized speaker, empowerment coach and self-defense expert. Equipped with her 3rd Degree Black Belt in HapKiDo, Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and health coaching certification, she develops programming that helps women feel strong, safe and powerful from the streets to the boardroom. With clients that include American Airlines, British Airways, Del Monte, Nike, Uber and UBS, Jennifer has rocked over one hundred stages across the country with her superpower combination of engaging content and contagious enthusiasm.

Her skills have been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, Rachael Ray and she was a featured expert on ABC-TV’s My Diet is Better Than Yours. Her new book, The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo, will be found on bookshelves everywhere in August, 2022.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • Jenn's traumatic experience being three blocks away from the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 and how it led her to martial arts
  • The purpose of Jenn's new book, The Art of Badassery, and the approach to life through lessons from the dojo
  • How to "embrace the suck," and push through the hard things
  • How to learn to pivot and change direction, and make the ultimate comeback
  • The importance of blocking negativity and communicating boundaries
  • Finding power in body language and tone
  • How meditation plays a role in Jenn's life
  • The importance of learning self defense
  • The purpose of her book, The Art of Badassery

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