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SecondWind with Joyce

Oct 24, 2023

Nobody is immune to chronic stress and burnout. Thankfully, there are many tools to support healing and recovery and resilience against future stressors. This popular replay episode with Erica Cuni is timely, as more and more people are experience burnout than every before.

Erica Cuni, known as "The Burnout Professor," is a stress and burnout expert, integrative performance coach, professional speaker, #SameHere PsychAlliance Expert, social media creator & fellow survivor. She teaches individuals & businesses how to consciously thrive through a holistic approach.

Erica is the founder of "The C.U.N.I. Method," which stands for Create Undeniable Natural Impact. She is a former Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Adjunct Lecturer and Clinical Professor at Central Connecticut State University. Her mission is to help make the mental health field more effective, accessible, decolonized, and non-stigmatizing.

Erica found her mission in 2014 after being hit by a Mack Dump Truck (literally) while driving to work and having her life fall completely apart over the following two years. This is what she had on her recovery journey - a roadmap that didn't pathologize her for doing her job, life events, her culture and the intergenerational trauma she was carrying around with her.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • Erica's major life transition after being hit by a mack truck
  • Erica's prior lifestyle of stress and overcommitment and how her car accident completely changed her health and life
  • How Erica realized she needed something more than traditional talk therapy to help her heal
  • How stress manifests in the physical body
  • Erica's integrative approach to mental health

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