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SecondWind with Joyce

Jan 17, 2023

Sally K. Norton should have been the picture of health. She exercised regularly; did yoga; and ate a well-researched diet chock full of wholesome, nutritious foods. She even had an Ivy League degree in Nutrition.

But her health was far from fabulous. She suffered from several physical and cognitive impairments including chronic fatigue, severe joint pain, and kidney problems. Doctors couldn't figure out why someone so young and “healthy” could be so unwell. Sally never imagined that her health problems could be related to her beloved health foods. After her career in health research and medical education ended due to her worsening condition, Sally finally connected the dots and recovered her health by lowering her oxalate intake.

Sally K. Norton, MPH holds a Nutrition degree from Cornell University and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her path to becoming a leading expert on dietary oxalate includes a prior career working at major medical schools in medical education and public health research. Her personal healing experience inspired years of research that led to her forthcoming book, Toxic Superfoods, which is available HERE and everywhere books are sold.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • The health crisis happening in our country and how Sally is on a mission to help people heal with nutrition
  • How Sally was eating all the foods she thought were healthy, yet she still struggled with her health
  • What oxalates are and why you should avoid them
  • How to know you're dealing with oxalate overload

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