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SecondWind with Joyce

Apr 20, 2021

You Don’t Have to Stay Stuck in The Present

Finding the strength to change your life can feel like an impossible task. This week we have certified life coach Jennifer Crowley on to discuss how we can change our mindset from accepting our life’s shortcomings, to acknowledging our own power to create a new story. Jennifer takes us on her journey from evaluating her life, to realizing that she needed to take a new direction.

As a Certified Life Coach and founder of Changeable Coaching, Jennifer Crowley works primarily with women looking to make impactful changes in themselves and in their lives. She’s also a leadership consultant, working with entrepreneurs to help them strengthen their management skills and develop healthy cultures of success.

Prior to her professional life as a coach and consultant, she made the decision to leave behind a successful 20-year career in the wine business to follow her calling and share her path to change and fulfillment.

Jennifer’s mission is to help women summon their strength and create plans to bravely make changes and live the lives they want. As a former executive and divorced mother, she understands the struggle of juggling roles and living with other people’s expectations. In light of her experiences, her goal is to empower women to make changes that align with their wants and needs and help them transition themselves into more integrated, joy-filled lives.

She has chosen to share her story and the life-altering practices she discovered on her journey to inspire other women to action and help them prepare themselves and gather the support they need to be more fearless in the face of change.

Jennifer grew up just outside of Chicago and majored in microbiology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She worked in iconic downtown Chicago bars and restaurants in her twenties, and then found her way to the wine business. She now happily lives in Chicago with her son, Liam, and their dog, Buck.

“My heart is really with women and helping women. I don’t want another woman to stay stuck the way that I did for so long...” Jennifer Crowley

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The role Jennifer’s career played in sparking a transition in her life
  • How Jennifer discovered her passion for helping others
  • The difference in the way that men and women tend to express or deal with their pain
  • How being a woman in a male dominated work environment can alter your personality traits
  • How Jennifer was able to realize that she was living with anxiety
  • Why connection to your support system is essential to your wellbeing, especially during quarantine  
  • How to distinguish stress from anxiety 

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