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SecondWind with Joyce

May 11, 2021

Co-Parenting & Recognizing Your Strength

Grieving the loss of a marriage is a unique type of pain that can be amplified when there are children involved. This week on SecondWind, licensed therapist and divorce coach Jill Barnett Kaufman touches on some of the hardest parts of going through this process such as financial strain, emotional turmoil, and adjusting to co-parenting. Instead of focusing on the past, she offers helpful solutions on how to move forward with this new phase of your life.

Jill Barnett Kaufman is a Divorce Coach, Licensed Therapist, Author & Co-parenting Expert. After she went through her own difficult divorce in 2012, she made it her life's mission to help others not have it so tough. Single parenting with a difficult ex wasn't easy, but she eventually got to a great place in her life and learned so much about the process. Jill has put all that she learned into her book, I'm Getting Divorced, Now What? and the book is the basis for her group coaching program, Thriving Through Divorce. Jill’s extensive experience enables her to help her clients and creative solutions to the complex financial and parenting issues in divorce. Her 3 adult children are doing well, and she lives part time in Colorado and part time in New Jersey where she skis, snowshoes, golfs, hikes and bikes. Jill is excited to be getting married in August.

“Once you decide you’re getting a divorce, you no longer are in the same relationship with your ex. If you have children you’re co parents and you don’t have the same expectations...” Jill Barnett Kaufman

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • The most difficult thing about entering a divorce
  • The affect the pandemic had on divorce
  • Healthy ways to process your emotions during a divorce
  • How Jill has changed from the beginning of her marriage to after her divorce
  • Realizing that your partner is not always the only reason for your divorce
  • Some of the mistakes people make when going through a divorce 
  • How you should view co-parenting with your ex-spouse

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