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SecondWind with Joyce

Apr 5, 2021

Surviving PTSD & The 2020 Journey

Years of dealing with traumatic experiences can take a toll on your mental health. This week on SecondWind, Janet Wiszowaty gives us her insight on PTSD, life through the pandemic, and living in the Canadian Arctic territory of Nunavut. With this discussion we not only get a picture of the cause & diagnosis of PTSD, but also what life can be like living with it.

Janet is an expert in overcoming life’s challenges and has transformed that into helping others do the same. She is an author, speaker, trainer and cheerleader for her clients. Janet has honed her skill while working with emergency police services, through trauma, change, and crisis management, into a practice that is second to none in terms of results achieved with individuals and groups. Janet has and continues to work closely with her clients to develop tools that work for them to move forward and thrive. This work has brought significant results to both individuals and business teams. The tools and the overall effectiveness that Janet has developed and fine-tuned over the years has and continues to provide life-altering results to those when they are at their most vulnerable, their Now What. If you are searching to live a healthier, wealthier, happier and more productive, life, reach out to Janet to explore your next step. Janet has trained with the best and is a Canfield Certified Trainer, Dream Coach plus Master NLP, Time-Line Therapy™ , and Hypnotherapist. She says Your Success is Her Success. To connect directly with Janet, call 780 983 0840 or email Janet directly at

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • How our understanding of PTSD has changed throughout the years
  • What accumulative PTSD is, and how it has impacted Janet Wiszowaty’s life 
  • The correlation between keeping busy and burying your trauma
  • The steps that Janet has taken to help deal with her trauma
  • Why she pushed herself to travel, learn, and be driven.
  • What it is like to live in an arctic region
  • The types of issues the pandemic has created or worsened in the home

“It’s hard to slow down, you just want to keep going... I’m alive so I better keep moving.” Janet Wiszowaty

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