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SecondWind with Joyce

Aug 9, 2021

Many people allow their fears, negativities, and self-blinding beliefs to stop them from experiencing life to the fullest. That is not the case with Gail Hamilton.

Gail Hamilton is an NSA certified international motivational virtual and live speaker, TEDx Breckenridge speaker 2021, author Soaring into Greatness, a Blind Woman’s Vision to Live her Dreams and Fly, trainer, opera singer, and is totally blind. Gail motivates, facilitates, educates, and exhilarates her audiences unlike any other presenter, to fully open their eyes and change the way they see and change the way they live.

Her soaring spirit has led Gail to build her former Habitat for Humanity home, to climb the historic 75-story Cydney Harbor bridge, and to partner with six spectacular Seeing Eye dogs over the years. Her astounding experiences, immense knowledge and unparalleled determination have inspired thousands to live lives of vision, purpose and action. Gail believes that everything is possible and everyone can live an unstoppable, unforgettable, and unbelievable life.

What You'll Learn from this Episode:

  • Gail's story and how she overcame the challenge of blindness from a young age
  • The turning point and book that changed her outlook and trajectory
  • The importance of therapy and how Gail was inspired to get her master's in psychology
  • How living a life of greatness means getting past the negative core beliefs and stigma and going for something more.
  • The motivation and reason behind her book.
  • The traits needed for a successful life.
  • The importance of vulnerability and telling your authentic story.

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Learn more about Gail and access Twenty Ways To Soar, a handout of twenty ways to achieve your dreams on her website, Soaring into Greatness.