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SecondWind with Joyce

May 23, 2023

Rebeccah Silence is the world's leading coach for emotional healing and relationships. She was named the 2022 REDx Magazine Top Emotional Health and Relationship Coach for helping people heal from heartbreak so they can love and lead beyond anything that they thought was possible.

As a survivor of a childhood full of trauma and abuse, as well as being diagnosed with and surviving Stage 3 cancer while she was pregnant, she has powerfully supported countless leaders, teams, couples, and families to heal and process even the most intense of experiences.

An accomplished TV and radio personality with over a decade of speaking experience, Rebeccah is a groundbreaking voice in the space of healing and self-development, supporting millions of people to do the inner work to move through their healing and allow themselves to truly thrive.

Rebeccah offers clients, readers, and audiences a safe space to become aware of traumas, neutralize past events, release emotional burdens, create a compelling vision for the future, and reconnect with their spirits. She teaches us how to become our own healer, to love and trust ourselves, and to be our best for others and the world.

She is the CEO and founder of Inspired Results, LLC, based out of Denver, Colorado as well as the author of Coming Back to Life, host of the Healing IS Possible Experience and the Tougher Together Breakthrough Podcast, and the creator of The Emotional Survival Kit course. 

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • Rebeccah's story of surviving abuse and trauma
  • Her trauma recovery method that is changing lives everywhere
  • The five emotions that we all experience
  • How Rebeccah experiences joy
  • Learning from our childhood and shaping adulthood differently
  • How trauma impacts your physical health

Get Rebeccah's book, Coming Back to Life, A Roadmap to Healing From Pain to Create the Life You Want here.

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