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SecondWind with Joyce

Jan 24, 2023

Entering midlife as a woman can come with difficult transitions. In this episode, you will learn from one woman’s journey into midlife and her passion to help support other women as they undergo major life transitions.

Jean Macdonald, aka “The Midlife Midwife,” is an author, educator, blogger, as well as love, sex, and gender expert. Jean believes that Midlife Women can change society and the world when they believe in themselves. She has created the New Midlife Woman Community to help them build a better lifestyle and lovestyle, which will fulfill them for the second half of their lives. She is the author of Love, Sex, and the Midlife Woman, and founder of the Midlife Butterfly Club. She has created an online course called How to Find Love in Middle Life with some help from the Game of Chess.

Jean worked in business and marketing for many years and then founded a multimillion business in the North West of England. Since then she has written many self-development books and run several education enterprises.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Jean became passionate about supporting midlife women
  • The support groups and courses Jean offers midlife women
  • How the midlife transition can be a transformation that you want it to be
  • The loss of confidence midlife often brings and how to use it as an opportunity instead of a hardship
  • Leaning into your feminine power
  • Skills women have that are underrated

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