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SecondWind with Joyce

Jun 7, 2022

There is often mixed messaging when it comes to female sexuality. Rediscovering sexual desire during major life transitions can be difficult. This episode empowers women to embrace their feminine fire at any life stage.

Amanda Testa, Southern Belle turned Sex Coach, is a soulful, heart-centered expert when it comes to sex and relationships. She helps overwhelmed professional women and couples reconnect to themselves, their libidos, and their partners.

Her unique proven process, The Feminine Fire Method™ combines neuroscience and nervous system regulation, with ancient practices to help women heal their relationship to their sexuality so they can
eliminate shame and guilt, own their confidence, feel like a Goddess in their skin, and have the deeply connected relationships they desire.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • Amanda's personal transition and how she rediscovered her feminine fire after the birth of her daughter
  • How sexual energy is a reflection of your health and vitality
  • How Amanda developed her coaching program to be effective at connecting women to their feminine fire
  • The importance of slowing down and being present and taking a deep breath
  • How cultural conditioning plays a role in how you show up sexually in your relationship
  • How to have a sensual wellness practice to connect to your own body
  • How to work with your partner to deepen your physical connection
  • How to move past unnecessary shame that holds you back

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