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SecondWind with Joyce

Nov 2, 2021

Maria Romano is the founder of Love Knots, LLC. She started the rental company with her husband Frank. Maria’s company grew to over $18M a year in gross revenue. She and Frank were also involved with another company at one time when they owned over 30 bars in Las Vegas.

Maria and Frank sold their car rental company in 2010 and Maria transitioned with her career. She became a minister. For over ten years, she has performed over 3,000 wedding ceremonies.

In 2012, Frank passed away, and Maria again was faced with another transition. In addition to her wedding ceremonies, she then started another component by helping people find love as well.

Maria has developed a signature talk to help people over 50 find love again. She shares tips to help get you ready to have a healthy, happy dating experience. She also has another signature talk and workshops entitled “Loving Your Way to the Top.”

Maria’s address and workshop are building a healthy relationship with your clients, your team, and yourself. During Covid, she recognized that she needed to share her talents with others about officiating wedding ceremonies. She has created an online school that will teach others how to officiate weddings and how to grow this dream hustle into a full-time gig. She launched her school in June 2021.

She is also a bestselling author and released her first book “Going from Just One to a Plus One” in September 2020. She is anticipating the release of her next book in late 2021, titled “Loving Your Way to the Top.”

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Maria transitioned after the loss of her husband, Frank
  • Why Maria has a course for becoming a wedding officiant
  • Dating and marriage trends in the Covid era
  • How connection trumps chemistry in relationships
  • Starting over after 50 and not settling
  • How to actively start meeting new people
  • Learning and listing your must-haves in a relationship

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