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SecondWind with Joyce

Sep 6, 2022

Healing and clearing past relationships is necessary to get past the old and make way for the new. Romance depression is not like a flu that should be allowed to run its course to have its way with you. It can be managed, shortened, and solved.

Gillian Harris is a Spiritual Advisor and because she specializes in Metaphysics and Conscious Creation, she's often used as an 'Intention Coach' by those who want to learn how to activate their own Alchemy.

She is a teacher of Conscious Creation techniques - how to use aroma, stones and crystals, colors, strategic thought and authentic emotion to manifest at will. She's a long-time Medium, Channel, Intuit, Ordained Minister (New Thought), Reiki Master and she holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology (2012 USM). She is an inspirational speaker and four-time published author. Based in Southern California, you can often find Gillian off-roading in the desert where she facilitates sound baths under the stars and guided world peace and CE5 meditations.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • We are more than physical beings, we are spiritual and emotional as well
  • Past relationships can keep people stuck in grief and negative patterns
  • The importance of following your emotional guidance system
  • Evaluating core beliefs from childhood and how they play a role in who we are
  • Healing from the past and learning from our current relationships
  • What it means to be a "conscious cougar"
  • Gillian's books and courses available on her website

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