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SecondWind with Joyce

Aug 31, 2021

Sharon Valenti was born in England to an American military father and British mother. Her childhood years were affected by many forms of abuse. Deep rooted negative beliefs gained a foothold in her and ran her life unconsciously for many years. Consistently pursuing her own awakening, she is motivated to help others do the work and experience a shift within themselves, one that is in extreme contrast to the suffering they've been subjected to.

What You'll Learn in This Episode:

  • Sharon's personal journey of healing
  • How our core beliefs as children affect our adulthood
  • Sharon's spiritual transformation in India
  • Generational strongholds and negative core beliefs of "not enough"
  • Misconceptions of emotional health and mental health
  • How to let go of others' perceptions of you and show up for yourself
  • Where to begin the self-love cycle
  • Sharon's unique courses to create self-awareness and growth

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