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SecondWind with Joyce

May 25, 2021

Aligning Our Body, Mind & Spirit

Everyday we see the effects of the pandemic, and not being able to communicate the way we’re used to taking a toll on our mind, body, and spirit. In this episode, the multi-talented Danielle Findlay talks about the benefits of incorporating movement like Pilates or yoga into our routine, and how she is able to use her gift of communication to help others navigate through their own struggles. She leaves us with a challenge to find 3 things that we are grateful for which is an excellent step to achieving a more positive outlook on life.

Owner of Danielle Findlay Pilates & Wellness, Danielle is a Pilates teacher, yoga instructor, podcast co-host, and energy practitioner. In 2018 after leaving a 20+ year corporate career, she discovered her #1 true love and purpose within her studio guiding bodies through the magic of movement and supporting others on their journey of healing and wellness.

Danielle is a natural communicator and loves to share, connect, and empower others to live their best lives. Her podcast, The Cauldron Podcast, is her favorite platform for expression and she loves the weekly conversations that take place around the podcast airways.

Danielle loves to engage in conversation and never shies away from topics like sex, personal relationship issues or physical and mental health concerns, she is always open to sharing her personal experiences of pain, trauma and heartbreak. She has a supportive ear, is a wise soul, and believes in the importance of others feeling seen and heard.

Danielle lives in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta with her husband, Robb and their cat Louis and when not in her studio she will most likely be on a travel adventure, taking in a round of golf or relaxing by there with a book in hand.

Multi-talented and skilled, never with judgement, always with support, ask her anything and get ready to laugh, be motivated and inspired - this girl lives her best life and wants to help you live yours too!

“The real beautiful magic happens when you work one-on-one because when we move our body, emotion will come to the surface and we have choices. We can either suppress it, move it, we can numb it, we can not even acknowledge it, but what I remind my clients is that in the movements that’s going to happen there is an opportunity for emotion to come to the surface and for it to be embraced, be acknowledged, and then release it.” Danielle Findlay

What You’ll Learn from This Episode:

  • What it is about Pilates that draws Danielle in
  • How men and women differ in how they approach Pilates
  • The difference between the experiences Danielle has with yoga and Pilates 
  • What inspired her podcast, and how it helps people get through the pandemic
  • The naivety and the numbing that happens with acknowledging the effects of the pandemic
  • How we can tell when we’re not in alignment
  • Everyone can move in some way, we just have to find what works best for us

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